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The Arlanza Wine Festival

The Arlanza wine festival

After one-thirty in the afternoon, the square of Santa Cecilia was equal, just like the town of the mythical film by José Luis Cuerda, Amanece, which is not little, at the moment in which the mayor asks his neighbors who remember what they were doing on August 24, 1947 and that they do “to do the same, to flashback”. On this occasion the order was not necessary because the locals had been traveling all the morning to celebrate the XV edition of the Harvest Fair. The presence of the authorities on the balcony of the City Hall was the culmination of the walk that foxes (name with which the natives of Santa Cecilia are known) and visitors were given by the scenarios of yesterday.

 The town of Arlanza took a trip back in time to celebrate the start of the wine campaign. Ancient scenes and crafts were recreated and a plaque was found in homage to the rural woman in the village laundry.
A wine press, a group of women putting pieces on the sheets and patching up socks; men, playing cards; an oven that produced rich breads and pastries, the Fountain of Loves “where the girls came with their pitchers, the young men prowled them and forged stories of love”, a kitchen of the middle of the last century, an alcove with its chamber pot and his tumbilla (a wooden device that was used as a support for a container in which there were embers) to heat the sheets in the winter, several farmers shearing the sheep and again another group of women leaving the jets of gold as clothing in the laundry and putting it to dry in the sun they composed the itinerary. In the last scene a plaque was discovered in honor of the women’s females: “Tribute to rural women, who both worked in the field and with great care our clothes washed,” the text read.

Designation of origin Arlanza

Arlanza festivalThe tour ended with the proclamation, which was given by Carlos Elena, sergeant firefighters of Burgos and son of the people, who became lyrical and traveled through the origins of the wine citing Bacchus, Dionysus and Plato, who said of this drink that it was “the milk of the elders.” He also expressed his pride in being of the people, paraphrasing Presuntos Implicados – “how we have changed” – and Alberto Cortez and remembered the history of his family, also linked to wine. Then the mayor, Rafael Martinez and the president of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin Arlanza, Miguel Ángel Rojo, took the floor and thanked the politicians present for the effort of approaching Santa Cecilia and made the behavior of those who had not responded to the invitation. He asked for the economic and social support of all to carry out the project and demanded that the foxes “make their homeland” always asking for Arlanza wine.

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