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Tasting Palacio de Lerma‘s wine is tasting culture, nature and art. It is to feel the affection of its elaboration.

Starting from a follow-up in the vineyard, we collect the fruit in boxes and bunch per bunch, we select them in the selection table.

We destemmed at low speed and carefully transported the grapes to the tanks.

We macerate the musts and the skins in our exclusive “pipeage” tank. Without stirring and fermenting with constant temperature control.

We pass the wine through peristaltic pumping, without oxidations, without hitting and gently to the aging vessel. There he rests for months in new French and American oak barrels.

We produce wines with a lot of color extraction and aromas, powerful wines that are balanced and delicate on the palate.

We present you a correct and elegant wine. From bottle, label, cork and capsule to packaging and distribution we offer quality, design and service.

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