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Spanish Wine And English People

Spanish wine and English people

United kingdom  is one of the markets of reference worldwide in the wine sector. It is in the sixth position in the ranking of consumer countries, according to Data on the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), and represents for Spain the second destination in terms of value (price of the product) in a sector in which Less wine is produced although it is consumed with higher quality.

The purchase of Spanish wine among the British is becoming more frequent. A few months ago The Daily Telegraph published that “in three years the Spanish wine will be sold more than the French wine” and, on the other hand, experts like Victoria Moore assured that “90% of the wine business professionals consulted pointed to Spain as the most interesting region”.

In fact, the rise of Spanish cuisine due to the proliferation of tapas in bars and restaurants in London, the solid image of Spanish wine, preferably by D.O. Rioja or Jerez, thanks to a great investing effort in wine tourism and Spain as a receiver of British tourists are making the consumption of Spanish wine increase.

In addition, the greater openness to new wines for the culture and sophistication of the Anglo-Saxon consumer, as well as the better positioning of Spanish wines in the British market through specialized importers, is making Spanish wine gaining adepts by leaps and bounds in the Islands.

Spanish wine and English people

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